4 days timelapse – LCM Innovation in semi-detached house installation

A double semi-detached timber frame house, produced in our factory according to the client’s project. House box installation on site took our professional installation team approximately four days vs. building on site could be up to four calendar months. Our company is an ideal partner for business customers who want to build private houses, semi-detached […]

What is Element construction – also known as prefab construction?

When walls, ceilings, and roofs are manufactured in separate pieces in the factory with all or some external and internal layers, the process is known as element construction, often referred to as prefabrication (or modular building). These pieces are then loaded into trailers for transport to the construction site, where a crane unloads them, places […]

A step-by-step guide on how to maintain a wooden house facade

If you don’t treat your wood siding, it will eventually turn gray or tarnish from exposure to rain and UV radiation. We encourage you to periodically maintain your wooden cladding to prevent the need for an expensive and time-consuming renovation. A wood siding treatment ought to be performed ideally every two years or even annually […]

Prefabricated house lifespan – how long can it last?

Like traditional buildings, the life expectancy of timber frame buildings depends on the care and upkeep provided after handover. But in many circumstances, this might endure longer than 30 years, and timber frame buildings frequently serve purposes other than those for which they were originally designed. Factors Affecting a timber frame building’s Life Expectancy. Of […]

The most loved prefabricated houses

The new prefab home by Muji takes a look at the elderly population. The new prefabricated house, called “Y no Ie House” (“simple house”) by Japanese apparel and design company Muji, was released in 2020. It is created for all generations while keeping an eye on the elderly population. The building is set out as […]

Prefabricated houses & different price packages

Package 1.   Price includes:   Architectural drawings. A sketch, plan, diagram, or schematic used to communicate specific information about a building is known as an architectural drawing. These kinds of technical drawings are produced by Las Casas Modulares during the design phases of a construction project. Insulated exterior walls. When rebuilding or upgrading a […]

5 reasons why you as a real estate developer should prefer prefabricated houses

The future of building development is modular construction. The advantages over traditional construction should be significant: reduced prices, quicker completion times, increased cost and time predictability, and higher-quality buildings. Reduced prices   Scaling modular construction is naturally facilitated by real estate developers because they have control over how and by whom their projects are carried […]

What is a turnkey solution? Step-by-step description of stress-free house building.

Want to build a house or foundation but don’t know where to start? Contact Las Casas Modulares. We offer turnkey construction of houses inexpensively without loss in quality. We carry out the entire cycle of work, from design to warranty service. We strictly adhere to deadlines and agreements. Unpleasant surprises, such as unforeseen expenses in […]

Prefabricated house styles

Modern suburban construction is distinguished not only by the use of various technologies for building houses, but also by the variety of their architectural styles. Classic, eclectic, modern; Russian, Scandinavian, Oriental; castle, high-tech (High-tech, Hi-tech) – these are not all styles of architecture in which a house outside the city can be built. There are […]

Duplex houses: an economical option for a country house

A duplex is a house (most often two-story) divided into two parts. Each half has a separate entrance; mirror layout.   Legal features of home ownership: Each half of the house is registered in the ownership of its owner (as a separate apartment in an apartment building). This means that the owner has the right […]