The most loved prefabricated houses

  • The new prefab home by Muji takes a look at the elderly population.

The new prefabricated house, called “Y no Ie House” (“simple house”) by Japanese apparel and design company Muji, was released in 2020. It is created for all generations while keeping an eye on the elderly population. The building is set out as a sizable, open space with a single 80 square meter level and a 20 square meter patio. The selection of wood siding was made with a serene atmosphere in mind and was motivated by sustainability ideals.

  • Hotel Sacromonte by MAPA Architects.

Each 60 square meter unit in this hotel project for Uruguay is separated into a main section that faces the outside and contains the living and sleeping areas, and a service area that has a bathroom, fireplace, and kitchen. Only the walls are constructed on site using local resources; the metal and prefabricated framework, however, is manufactured in Montevideo and assembled there in around 10 weeks.

  • Vida Modular by Set Ideas

The three 3×4, 4×6, 3×8, and 4×12 meter modules that make up these tiny prefabs, created by Argentinian firm Set Ideas, can be joined in any way. They are constructed using common materials that are readily available on the local market. The modules can serve as a house, an office, and a shed in a natural setting by adjusting to the conditions of each.

  • Yellow House by Alejandro Soffia

Alejandro Soffia, an architect, created this house elevated above the earth in the Chilean woodlands. It is made of wood to minimize its environmental impact and uses prefabricated panels measuring 122×244 cm to speed up construction and lower energy consumption. The house gets its name from its exterior, which is covered in corrugated yellow metal sheets.

  • Diogene by Renzo Piano

On the Vitra Campus, in the green space in front of the VitraHaus, Renzo Piano created this fully self-sufficient living prototype for Art Basel 2013. It is an experimental device created to explore the potential of a tiny house, not a finished product. It can be loaded completely furnished and equipped onto a vehicle with a surface area of 2.40 x 2.96 meters and transported anywhere.

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