We start assembling the house in the elements' unloading phase, lifting the details directly from the truck's box to the foundation. This reduces the cost of the crane and the need to store parts. The following is a list of the main phases of house assembly (the time limits for performing this construction phase when assembling a 120-160 m2 house are indicated in brackets):

Construction of a house with weatherproofing

11–16 working days

Completion phase of the house "ready for interior finishing works"

14–20 working days

General Info

Thus, from starting the house's assembly to the completion phase of the "ready to start interior finishing work," it takes about 25-36 working days. When applying the six-day work schedule, that means 4-6 weeks. The final deadline for the delivery of works and the installation schedule usually depends on the roof structure's complexity, the availability of balconies, attic windows, terraces, and the time required to install electrical, ventilation, and other communications on time. Our team of assembly specialists has long-term experience in the works mentioned above. Each construction brigade consists of four to six workers with their transport to the site and all the resources needed to perform quality work. Each team has its site manager, whose tasks are the work's general organization, documentation (reports on the performance of work inside the construction, work diaries), administration and ensuring the quality of work performance. When performing work in the destination country, a local language speaking person is chosen to communicate with the customer and act as the site manager.


Payment for the assembly of houses is based on a fixed price and does not change the possible additional time or materials required for the assembly (unless the client chooses to alter the project during the works).

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