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The Design Phase

The constructive design of the elements begins with the choice of a suitable house by the client. First, we prepare the coordination drawings during which the engineer puts the architect's or client's idea into the prefabricated house system and makes the necessary strength calculations. For that, the client's required scale sketch drawings are enough to begin this process. The coordination drawings set the house's dimensions, heights, and all other essential nodes that also affect the house's visual side.

During the approval drawings phase, the client checks the project documentation's data with the applicable standards. Involving the customer in the design process is essential for avoiding errors in a subsequent design, production and installation. Production and installation blueprints include all drawings of the building elements and the list of materials (specifications) required to assemble each aspect. The installation drawings show the elements' assembly sequence and location and their proper attachment to the foundation. Our company has developed its requirements for both production and assembly drawings, ensuring the error-free completion and erection of a prefabricated house on site.

The Services & Process

Our design team consists of experienced engineers who offer complete design solutions. We prepare product drawings, heating systems, ventilation, cooling, water and sewage projects for prefabricated houses.

The Building’s Foundation

One of the main activities of Las Casas Modulares is the construction of slab foundations. For that, we use high-quality block technology in the construction of our foundations that can be made in the range of 300-600 mm as required. These blocks have the plinth part already covered with cement board, which can also be left unfinished, painted, or plastered. The whole installing and constructing process is taken care of by our specialized worker's squad. Also, we use fibrous concrete for additional strength, which is ground smooth after leveling with special technology and tools.


Production of Elements

We also produce different elements so that you have an opportunity to choose the approach you like the most. The following is a list of all the services we offer: Manufacturing of wall constructions/timber frame elements Assembling of wooden suspended ceiling elements Producing wooden roof trusses as well as prefabricated roof insulation elements. Constructing wooden frame elements that a client can use to build a wide variety of buildings and structures Our extensive experience covers all kinds of different structures, like: Villas Garden houses Cottages Garages Detached houses Semi-detached houses Townhouses Apartment buildings

Ventilation of the Building

The design of the heating and ventilation part is necessary to ensure an excellent indoor climate in the building. Heating and ventilation are always considered hand in hand as being unique integral parts throughout the building. The purpose of heating and ventilation systems is to create comfort and well-being for the building's customers.

Fresh air and optimal temperature are the most critical factors in the living environment, the unsuitability of which can damage human health and, at the same time, structural structures.

During the ventilation design, the possibilities for ensuring the necessary high-quality indoor climate in the building are assessed. Our team will determine whether the building will have a ventilation solution with or without heat recovery during the ventilation project.

Cooling of the Building

We also offer a vast selection of different cooling solutions. Using various devices and pumps, geothermia technology stores most of the heat energy in the ground to later reuse it for building heating. The alternative is aerothermia, where the heat is taken from the building and put into the environment. Again, with the help of different mechanisms.


The top thermal insulation class, Kömmerling 88, makes a passive house window the standard. Excellent thermal performance: UI -value_0,93 W/(m2K). UW-indicator up to 0,71 W/(m2K).

Superior noise protection with high-quality functional glass

Excellent protection. Perfectly prepared burglar-proof accessories and measures to protect you and your family or business.

Great density. Three density levels and an innovative roller seal trap drafts, dust, and rain ensure optimum thermal insulation.

Excellent ventilation. The Kömmerling 88 is equipped with an optimal ventilation program to ensure a comfortable living environment.

Constant rise. Long-term quality and environmentally friendly synthetic materials continuously increase the value of your assets.

Higher design class. Thin profiles with a straight line and a large color spectrum, whether in universal or metallic tones and wooden structures or aluminum linings.

Heating of the Building

Heating design starts with finding out the customer's wishes and assessing the needs of the building. During the design process, we will determine the type of heating used: either a geothermal heating system, an air-to-water heating system, or a heating system based on another heating source. The need for and suitability of underfloor or radiator heating in the building is also determined.

The Water & Sewerage Systems

The constructed house is not only the box itself, the electricity system, and the roof. One of the most important parts is the water supply and sewerage system, ensuring the customer's maximum comfortable. These systems can also be called one of the most important functions served by the building, and their errors and absence are immediately noticeable.

Solar Panels — Energy Efficiency

It's not the secret that we have to think about more reliable and Earth-friendly solutions already today. That is why our company offers solar panels, a trustworthy and straightforward solution for generating renewable energy. As time goes on, the importance of that kind of solution will rise. When choosing this excellent system from us, our partners will help install, set and later take care of the whole system. Having that kind of approach will also help to strive towards the zero energy building status.

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