Prefabricated houses & different price packages

Package 1.


Price includes:


  • Architectural drawings. A sketch, plan, diagram, or schematic used to communicate specific information about a building is known as an architectural drawing. These kinds of technical drawings are produced by Las Casas Modulares during the design phases of a construction project.
  • Insulated exterior walls. When rebuilding or upgrading a home, Las Casas Modulares will add more insulation to the outer walls. This is a fantastic approach to improve the thermal performance of a home’s walls, reduce energy use, save heating costs, and improve the comfort level of a building.
  • Insulated interior walls (+GKB). Without any specific specifications, Wallboard GKB is employed in all interior work domains as an affordable cladding for drywall systems.
  • Roof framing + beams. Your roof is supported by a structure called the roof framework. The fundamental choice to be made when building a roof is whether to employ metal or wood for its construction.
  • Transportation. Prefabricated wooden houses can now be constructed using either modules or individual components. By doing so, we can construct larger homes and have the opportunity to develop intricate and stunning architectural solutions. Due to their size (3 to 5 m wide) and factory assembly, modules require specialized transport and have a number of restrictions on the routes they can take. And Las Casas Modulares does its best to make this transportation happen.


Package 2.


Price includes:


Package 1+


  • Windows. We have firsthand knowledge of the rise in demand for qualitative windows as a part of prefabricated houses. Modern architecture and cutting-edge construction techniques are both featured in these custom-built prefab homes. The end product is a stunning and sturdy dwelling that is unlike any first-generation mobile home in appearance and functionality.
  • Roof fabric + battens. Roofing battens or battening, also called roofing lath, are used to provide the fixing point for roofing materials such as shingles or tiles.
  • Installation. Mounting of the prefabricated timber-frame house will be executed with the help of a crane. With a skilled team of our people we can mount the house within a week.


And for worry-free home you should choose a package 3, which is turnkey solution.

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