What is a turnkey solution? Step-by-step description of stress-free house building.

Want to build a house or foundation but don’t know where to start? Contact Las Casas Modulares. We offer turnkey construction of houses inexpensively without loss in quality. We carry out the entire cycle of work, from design to warranty service. We strictly adhere to deadlines and agreements. Unpleasant surprises, such as unforeseen expenses in the midst of construction, are completely excluded.

  • Planning


In the construction of turnkey houses, projects are used both standard and individual. 3D design allows the customer to get a complete picture of the future housing, make the necessary adjustments and immediately see their result.

  • Foundation construction


The construction of turnkey wooden houses begins with the foundation. Savings at this stage of work is not accepted. To determine the optimal type of foundation, the company’s specialists perform geological surveys and calculations.

  • Construction of turnkey houses – walls and ceilings


The beam is purchased from trusted suppliers, which ensures consistent quality and speeds up the assembly of walls. If the cottage will be used for year-round use, it is recommended to take timber material with a thickness of at least 200 mm. Otherwise, additional insulation will be required, which affects the final cost of the object. The construction of turnkey country houses can be carried out from a bar of smaller thickness.

  • Roof device


Las Casas Modulares craftsmen equip a reliable truss system, mount the counter-lattice and lathing, lay insulation and roofing materials. The most demanded types of a roof: a metal tile, a soft roof, a natural tile.

  • Installation of engineering communications


We equip all systems to ensure the life of a modern person: heating, electricity, water supply, sewerage, etc. Including we mount autonomous systems of water supply and sewerage.

  • Interior decoration


Finishing is closely related to the previous stage of work – the installation of engineering communications. We plan it in such a way as to optimize the construction time of the facility. The interior of country housing with wooden walls combines economy and high aesthetic characteristics. During the construction of turnkey frame houses, it is also possible to perform interior decoration with imitation of timber.


The construction of turnkey houses from aerated concrete is carried out according to a similar scenario. You can also order a separate type of work, for example, the construction of a foundation.

  • What is the price


During the construction of turnkey houses, the price depends on the materials and technologies used, the total area of the facility, and the complexity of the project. Also, the final cost of work can be affected by the specific features of the land plot and a number of other factors. The calculation of the price is made after setting the task on an individual basis.

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