Prefabricated house styles

Modern suburban construction is distinguished not only by the use of various technologies for building houses, but also by the variety of their architectural styles. Classic, eclectic, modern; Russian, Scandinavian, Oriental; castle, high-tech (High-tech, Hi-tech) – these are not all styles of architecture in which a house outside the city can be built. There are many styles, but their popularity is different. What is the most common now?


Finnish technology for the construction of country houses has recently been used very often. Therefore, it is not surprising that the Scandinavian (aka Finnish) style of architecture has also become widespread. It is characterized by extreme simplicity and conciseness, the absence of facade decorations. The most common colors of the external facade are red, beige, brown; often houses are not painted at all, but varnished and tinted. Large windows, glazed balconies are essential elements of Finnish architecture, which are emphasized.


Art Nouveau as an architectural style emerged over 100 years ago, and over time it has developed many trends. This applies to both urban and suburban construction.


Now country houses in the Art Nouveau style are characterized by:

  •  asymmetry of the facade;
  •  often a large glass area;
  •  flat or pitched roof


Alpine style is also called “alpine chalet” or simply “chalet”. A chalet (translated from French as “shepherd’s hut”) is a small house in the mountains where shepherds could hide from bad weather.


The main feature of chalet-style houses is the gable roof with large ledges, which is the dominant architectural element of the building. In traditional alpine houses, it could protrude 2-3 meters from the walls, since it performed an important function – protecting the house from moisture and wind.

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