Duplex houses: an economical option for a country house

A duplex is a house (most often two-story) divided into two parts. Each half has a separate entrance; mirror layout.


Legal features of home ownership: Each half of the house is registered in the ownership of its owner (as a separate apartment in an apartment building). This means that the owner has the right to sell, lease, donate, or inherit his part of the house. The consent of the neighbors (owners of the second part of the duplex) is not required for this.


Duplexes are often called “two-family houses”.

The main advantage of a duplex is that it is the most economical option for purchasing a country house. A section in a duplex will cost less than a small “detached” house. The difference in price can be about 20-25%, which leads to a considerable demand for duplexes.


If we are talking about living in the same house of two related families (for example, parents and adult children), then the duplex allows you to live “nearby, but not together.”

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