Prefabricated cottages

It is frame cottages that are usually chosen by those who want to build a good country house quickly and inexpensively.

Why prefabricated cottages?

Firstly, this is a wooden house, that is, environmentally friendly, which is important for a cottage. Secondly, frame technology has gained high popularity in many countries for a reason. It has a lot of advantages and disadvantages. The main thing for which it is valued is its low cost. The price of houses is low (compared to prices for construction using other technologies) also due to the fact that:

  • when building a house using this technology, it is not necessary to use special equipment (crane, etc.);
  • a prefabricated house weighs a little, and it can be installed on an inexpensive lightweight foundation.

The construction of a frame cottage will not take much time, since all parts are manufactured in the factory and practically do not require additional processing at the construction site; the house only needs to be “assembled” (as a constructor).

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