Inexpensive prefabricated house – what does it mean?

The most budgetary technology for the construction of a country house is frame housing construction.


It should be noted right away that the price of a frame house depends on its total area, and on the configuration, and on the purpose (country house or well-insulated house for permanent residence). Of course, the cost of a country house and a house for permanent residence will be different.


When ordering a country house for year-round living in harsh northern conditions, one most important condition must be taken into account – the house must be warm! Based on this condition, we calculated the optimal configuration for a frame house suitable for life both in summer and in winter. And since the house should please the eye and not look unfinished, we also took into account the finishing required for the minimum aesthetics of the house, both inside and out.


If you do not have enough funds for construction, we can advise you to choose one of the following options.


Break the construction into several stages:

  • The first step is to order a high-quality frame and roof of the house, after which, on your own or with the help of a construction company, order the finish.
  • Find a construction team on your own, order building materials on your own, control all work, and take on all the risks of poor-quality work and non-compliance with construction technology. To use this method, we recommend that you first familiarize yourself with the literature on the technologies for building frame houses.

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