Heating in a prefabricated house

There are several ways to organize the heating of a frame house:


  •  gas heating
  •  heating with electricity
  •  furnace method


Heating a frame house with gas:


This is perhaps the most popular heating method among frame house owners. Especially if the house is intended for permanent residence.


To install a heating system in this way, you will need to install a gas boiler and related equipment, for all this you will need to allocate a special room.


Heating a frame house with electricity:


As practice shows, in areas where there are no problems with the provision of electricity, it is quite reasonable to heat the house with electric heaters. There are several types of electric heaters: convectors, oil radiators, infrared heaters, “warm floors” system. Electric convectors and “warm floors” are the most popular.


Heating a frame house with electric convectors:


This is a fairly common device used for heating frame houses. You can install a pair of powerful electric convectors on each floor of the house or less powerful, but in each room.


These devices have many advantages:


Electric convectors usually have a thermostat, so they do not require constant attention during operation; You just need to set the desired temperature.

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