Fire safety of prefabricated houses

An autonomous smoke detector is a key link in the fire safety system in the house. Such sensors react to the appearance of smoke in the room and, by means of a sound signal, warn a person about the appearance of a fire.


An alternative to smoke detectors is a fire alarm system. However, it is appropriate in the house if it is connected to an automated fire extinguishing system and notification of fire services.


An important element of the fire extinguishing system in a frame house will be self-actuating powder fire extinguishers installed in each critical place (near the boiler, electrical panel, stove, fireplace, chimney). They work when the temperature in the room rises to a critical level, eliminating the source of ignition.


An important place in the fire safety system is occupied by the material used for interior decoration of the house. It is recommended to give preference to non-toxic materials with a low level of flammability, such as drywall.

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