Environmental friendliness of the prefabricated house

Environmental friendliness is one of the determining factors that guide future homeowners when choosing a construction technology.

This factor is influenced not so much by the technology itself as by the quality of the materials used. A professional approach to construction guarantees the absence of harmful chemical compounds in the insulation and finishing materials. The same applies to protective compounds used for wood processing. Natural coatings will protect the base from the effects of insects and microorganisms, prevent damage and the absorption of odors by the wood. Proper selection and use of materials will allow maintaining the optimal temperature and humidity conditions in the room.

In favor of the environmental friendliness of frame buildings, the following arguments can be made:

  •  Wood is the first of the natural materials. It is a renewable natural resource, the production and use of which does not cause any damage to the environment.
  • The presence of wood creates an amazing atmosphere in the house. This applies to both energy and tangible characteristics of the air.
  • All other materials involved are safe and do not contain toxic elements. This has a positive effect on the health of residents in general, and also eliminates the possibility of developing allergies.

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