Quality of LCM production

Noise isolation in a fabricated house is achieved by the correct selection of materials and technologies. There are also a few secrets that we will be happy to share with you!

Noise outside the window can enter the house through cracks, crevices and technological gaps in the outer wall, due to improperly selected insulation, through windows, and ventilation holes. This doesn’t happen when you buy a prefabricated house, the quality of production is so high and each element is specifically reviewed by a quality manager. Therefore, our factories are certified accordingly (scrap never exists). This is the difference between building on a construction site or buying prefabricated houses made in factories.


Therefore, it is worth starting soundproofing with the right choice of insulation. Insulation with good soundproofing properties, in contrast, for example, from expanded polystyrene, is mineral wool.

The roof can also be a source of unpleasant noise. First of all, this applies to such an aesthetic and inexpensive roofing material as metal tiles – if the roof is not installed correctly, rain, birds and tree branches can create noise throughout the attic.


To reduce the “drum” effect, the metal tile is attached to the crate and tightly insulated with mineral wool. Even greater noise protection will give the use of soft bituminous tiles.

Sound from adjacent rooms, whether on the same floor or another, can be annoying. To improve sound insulation between rooms, it is necessary to tightly fill the space inside the partitions and inter floor ceilings with mineral wool. Sound can also pass through communications – for example, “through” sockets should be avoided.


Our company always offers at least a 2-year warranty for its houses. For the construction period, the company is covered by liability insurance up to € 1,000,000.

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