4 common mistakes in planning a house

  1. Living rooms and kitchens without natural light


It is very important that a person has access to natural light in the process of cooking, reading or exercising. So equipping living rooms without windows is not the best idea. Otherwise, the room can be used exclusively for a wardrobe or utility block.


  1. Exit from the bathroom to the living room or dining room


It is extremely unwise to make an exit from the bathrooms into a room, kitchen or other public area. For residents and guests, this will not be very convenient, since it will no longer be possible to move unnoticed from the bathroom area, not to mention the violation of sanitary standards. Such a layout is needed only for a house in which a person with disabilities will live.


  1. One entrance to the house


Optimally – make 2 entrances to the house. Thus, guests can be met from the main entrance, and exit to the site through the back door. Then there is no need to go around the house, in bad weather you will not have to dirty the house, because, using the second entrance, you can undress and take off your shoes in his small corridor. If you have a boiler room, you can make another entrance leading to it. They will be used when replacing and maintaining equipment.


  1. One bathroom in the house


For a large family, one bathroom is not enough, and if possible, it is desirable to equip each floor with it. If there are many people living in the house, this will save considerable time for morning preparations and evening toilet, and you will not have to rush anyone.

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