Home Building Tips

Determined by three main factors

1. The value of a site is determined by three main factors: location, location, and again – location. Price and value are not identical concepts.

2. It is better to live in a bad place with good neighbors than in a good place with bad ones.

3. Build a small reasonable-sufficient house. In most cases, the laying of “palaces” leads to under construction, holes in the budget and ruined health.

4. When choosing a project, try to avoid excessive originality. Remember that everything beautiful and reasonable has already been built before you. Your task is to choose the most suitable project for the nature and occupation of the house and fit it into the landscape and surroundings of your site.

5. When choosing materials and technologies, check whether they are certified for individual housing construction in those countries where the state really cares about the health of fellow citizens.

Las Casas Modulares builds frame houses in compliance with all rules and technologies. Therefore, you can be sure that in the house from Las Casas Modulares you will be able to fully enjoy the silence, and not be afraid that you will be heard behind the next wall.

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